Charity ball "Spragnieni Piękna" 2017, 2018

Thirsty for Beauty.

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Muzeum Narodowego
February 2017-2018
400 persons


The annual carnival ball at the National Museum in Warsaw.

The annual charity ball “In the Mood for Beauty” inspired by the famous balls prepared by friends gathered around the most famous museums in the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Carnival ball for 400 guests, the main part of which is a charity auction of works of art and a gala dinner.

The 1st Charity Ball “Desirous of Beauty” was organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the “Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw”. The main theme of the 2nd edition was inspired by the Galeria Wzornictwa Polskiego, and the ball was held under the name of Spragienia Piękna. Modernity. The 50’s and the 60’s.

On our side was the comprehensive implementation of the project, preparation of visual identification and graphic design, coordination of subcontractors’ work, preparation of promotional materials, provision of technology and service, and event logistics.

It was a huge challenge to prepare the museum space, secure works of art, and a very short assembly and test time.

See the highlights from two editions of the ball.