Impact re:action connected by Krakow

New reality.
New format of events.

  • 3rd of June 2020
221 000 viewers

Warszawa, Expo XXI /online

The first major online economic event in Poland, available on the home page.

Impact re: action is a four-hour broadcast, during which over two hundred thousand viewers saw speeches by Polish and international speakers, moderated discussions, report presentations, roundtable meetings and interactive online workshops.

Under three thematic lines, expert groups presented specific ideas and strategies for the future of the digital economy, biotechnology and digital science. Several substantive publications also had their premiere during the event.

The event took place entirely online on the Impact Online platform specially designed by THE WAY, and the broadcast was available simultaneously on the homepage.

THE WAY was responsible for the creation and comprehensive production of the event. The event was organized in accordance with the safety rules and in accordance with the total sanitary regime.

The estimated AVE equivalent amounted to over one million zlotys. Posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn reached almost 1.5 million recipients.

More on the event page. See

See the video streaming from the entire Impact re:action connected by Krakow.