Klarna Launch in Poland

The Swedish giant, which is gaining customers all over the world by offering a simple and functional payment method, is entering the Polish market.

18 of August 2021
50 uczestników


Klarna makes its debut in Poland with the “Pay in 30 days” option and a partnership with H&M.

Swedish Klarna is a fintech company offering deferred payments as well as modern banking services.

We were responsible for organizing the Polish premiere of the brand, which currently has 90 million users around the world and carries out 2 million transactions daily. The company is not only a deferred payment provider (BNPL – Buy Now Pay Later – Buy Now, Pay Later), but also a bank with a license throughout Europe.

The conference, which took place in Warsaw on August 18, officially began operations of Klarna in our country. The company launched the world’s popular deferred payment option “Pay for 30 days”, and H&M is the first fintech partner in Poland. The cooperation also includes a dedicated, Polish-language Klarna application.

“Our goal is to enable Polish consumers to shop, pay and bank in a smarter way that truly fits their way of life,” said Sebastian Siemiątkowski, CEO and co-founder of Klarna.

Fintech announces the further development of its presence in Poland, with a local team and an office in Warsaw.

The biggest challenge for us was the short duration of the project, the selection of an appropriate location that would reflect the identity of the Klarna brand and the design of the scenography that would take guests into the world of Klarna. We were responsible for the entire visual setting of the event, catering and scenography.